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                     Frequently Asked Question

What is Soft Play?

Soft play is an indoor/outdoor play area. That we create at the comfort of your home or private event. Our equipment is made from soft material for toddlers to enjoy! Soto Bouncin House creates a safe and clean, soft play area for toddlers and kids up to 5 years old.

Are the rentals always cleaned & sanitized?

All our equipment, including every ball pit ball, floor mat, gate, bounce houses, blocks, is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after each use. We use a non-toxic, fragrance-free, residue-free cleaner, which kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and germs. We also proudly clean and sanitize all our balls with a professional ball washing & sanitizing machine.

Are there any rules for Soto Bouncin House rentals?

  • Yes, we ask that you observe these rules:

  • No shoes. Socks are required.

  • No Food, snacks, candy in play area.

  • No paint, slime or sharp objects.

  • Parents are required to stay and watch toddlers.

  • All balls must stay in ball pit, all soft play is to stay in play area, if the balls are scattered every where there will be a fee $ charge.

  • No kids over 5 yrs allowed for soft play zones.

  • You may have to pay an extra cleaning fee if rules are not followed*.

What happens after I submit my booking inquiry?

You will now receive email with a proposal. We require 50% of invoice in order to guarantee your date. Your date is not confirmed until we receive your deposit payment. We can't hold your invoice longer than 24 hrs from sending invoice.

How soon should I book my bounce house rental, soft play or ball pit?

We recommend you book as soon as you know your date, we book quick! 

Can you create any theme?

Yes! We can work with any theme or color combination, please let us know what you’re envisioning.

What are the payment options?

We accept all major credit cards charge a 4% processing fee, Venmo, Zelle & Apple Pay.

When is the payment due?

The invoice must be paid in full 5 days prior to the event, if payment is not received reservation will automatically be cancelled & you'll automatically loose your 50% deposit .

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to reschedule your event, the payment will be transferred to the new date. If you cancel your event 14 days prior your event date you automatically loose your 50% deposit.

What if it rains?

To ensure the safety of the little ones, we will not set up outdoors if there is rain in the forecast. However, you may reschedule your rental if you’d like, Please note once we set up our play zone we do not relocate or move the set up elsewhere.

What are the surface requirements for setup?

We require the following for setting up:

  • Flat & clean ground is needed for setup.

  • We do not set up on dirt, sand & gravel.

What if we have stairs or an elevator at the location?

Please note that any stairs, elevator or small walkways need to be approved by Soto Bouncin House prior to booking and there will be an additional fee $40-$150 per setup and pick up.

What if we’re having the birthday party at a commercial venue?

If you have an event at a professional venue, please make sure to give us the venue name and address. The venue details are required along with parking instructions and unloading information.

Is the waiver necessary?

Yes, the signed waiver is 100% required to be signed and submitted before your scheduled event.



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