Frequently asked questions

Where do we deliver?

We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Delivery fees apply depending on the location of set-up. Please contact us for a price quote.

Payment methods?

We accept cash, Zelle, Venmo or Paypal. We charge an extra 3% processing fee if paying through Paypal under goods and services.

Play Area Rules?

- Play at your own risk. - No shoes (socks are required at all times). - No food, gum, candy or drinks allowed inside the play area/bounce house. - No pets, toys or sharp objects allowed insode the play area/bounce house. (equipment can be esily damaged with any type of sharp objects). - No diving or throwing balls outside of the ball pits. - No face paint. - No kids over the age of 5 years allowed in the play area. - No equipment should be removed from play area. - No overcrowding. - Adults supervision required at all times.


We do carry general liability insurance. However we will still require our clients to sign a release of liability form.

Do we set-up outdoor?

Yes we do set-up outdoors or at the park. If the weather is unsuitable or too hot, we will require a shade. The surface must be flat, dry, clean and safe. We do not set-up on dirt, sand, tanbarks, extremely dirty or uneven surface. Grass is acceptable as long as it is clear of animal/bird poop.

How to book?

Please call/email us or summit your booking form online indicating the date, event start and end time and location. There is an initial $200 security deposit required to reserve the date. Deposit doesn't apply towards your balance, its refundable at the end of your rental, if there's NO damages or deep cleaning need to be done. The rental balance is due 1 day before the event. Booking can be done as soon as you have a confirmed date for your event.

Do we set up if the weather is not suitable?

We will not set-up our soft play or bounce house outdoors if its raining or have strong winds. If the weather it's too hot, please ensure a tent is provided to protect the soft play equipments from too much heat and of course the kids as well. If no back up plans are made for unsuitable weather conditions, the non-refundable security deposit can be credited for another day/event and is transferrable to another person as well.

Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the event will result in loss of your deposit.

How do we clean our equipments and how often?

Our equipments including our ballpit balls is throughly sanitized and disinfected after each use. Utilizing a non-toxic, fragance free, which kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and germs.

What's the age limit?

We have different sets for different age groups, anywhere from crawlers/early walkers up to 5 years old. Our larger ball pits are up to 5 years old but even parents can go iniside with their little ones.

Drop off / Pick up time?

depending on the size of your layout it will take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour to se up the soft play mobile. Our bounce house set up could take from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Latest pick up is 7:00PM, althought we accomodate all your party needs and time extensionbis needed past our business hours.

What happens if there's damages?

$200 deposit will be non-refundable. If the deposit does not cover the damage, there will be an additional charge due within 5 days of your event.